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About Nazrene Tours

We at Nazrene Tours, put at your disposal more than 45 years of experience, professionalism, expertise and excellence, in order to be a significant factor in the story of your trip: by definition we are an old travel agency, but in practice we believe that the essence of our work is to be a host. We will be your hosts at any destination you choose, and at any point in time during the trip. We will make sure to show you the most worthwhile places, take you to the most delicious restaurants and make you feel like royalty

Hospitality and an attitude of respect is a value that is deeply rooted as part of the DNA of Nazrin Tours and the Afifi Family. It is a character trait even before. We live and breathe the world of tourism and specialize in providing services to the Arab Society and leading destinations in the Mediterranean basin. We believe that reality should surpass imagination. Our specialty is to build you the vacation of your dreams - customized to the special story for everyone! 

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