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Byond Borders is a Marketing & Representation Company catering to sales and marketing needs. We have established a solid name in the travel industry thanks to our years of experience, we help our clients grow their business from this region whilst showing distinct gains in market share and brand presence.

Being the client is what representation means to us. Being more than just a client's happy face or an extension of the business itself. Whether the task at hand is boosting visitor numbers to a client location, planning a special event, or even developing a brand image for our customers, the work is completed and done effectively.

We provide full-service marketing and sales representation in the Middle east. We also cover wholesale product discussions, consumer show attendance and displaying, consumer awareness campaigns, roadshow coordination, event planning, FAM trips, airline alliances and integration, inquiry services, and travel industry updates. Depending on the budget, goals, and KPIs of each individual client, these services can be tailored to meet their needs.

We provide sales representation, services from creative studios, digital marketing, public relations, and consulting across a variety of disciplines. Our services are customized to the specific needs of each customer, assisting them in increasing awareness, reaching new audiences, and gaining profitable market share. driven by a skilled group of professionals who use their knowledge to combine technology, innovation, and creativity to deliver quantifiable results. Our main objective is to give you the strongest voice possible and assist you in creating a strong presence in the Middle East.

Knowledge of the market and connections to important decision-makers are our strong points. Our commitment can be seen in every deed, little thing, and word we say. It is who we are.


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Fabian Fernandes

A name that would come across very familiar to most colleagues from the travel trade. With an experience of 25 years Fabian knows the industry, its traits, and negotiation tactics at its best.


Anslem D'Silva

Travel is in my Blood. Its been over 2 decades in the GCC Promoting various GSA portfolios to the Travel Trade.

Chrystal D'Souza

I have experience in operations specializing in Cruise reservations.


Simona Fernandes

I hold a total experience of 10+ years in the travel industry, with excellent GDS knowledge.

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larda abeykoon

I have experience in Executive Customer Service in Srilankan Airlines Call Center. Also having successfully completing a Higher National Diploma in Cyber Security and networking.

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